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Supplying leading brands

We supply respectable and leading brands in light and sound equipment on the strength of our relationship with OEMs across the world. Our supply system has a value-added component of installation so as to ensure the durability of our supplies.

Birthday celebration, wedding or funeral reception

Ever wanted a first-class birthday celebration, wedding or funeral reception? We deploy the most appropriate range of light and sound equipment to start off a life of happily hereafter. Also the ambiance that our expertise create takes the gloom off funeral while also providing the best of excitement any birthday event can boast of.

Supplying Music Concert

At the heart of music is concert and the heart of concert is light and sound. Bearing the risk of being immodest Firstday Events powers the most enchanting concerts and shows to the affection of musicians and their fans with our product Firstday BLAST. The best of concert swags can only be from

Creating Brand Identities

Our experience over the years has endeared us to brands that would rather make a mark in their chosen markets. Our understanding of branding gives us the opportunity to strengthen brand identity with our

unveiling (product launch), brand house parties, brand expo/exhibition

A hot night out

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