About the CEO

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Oluwanifemi Oyewale,a consummate entrepreneur whose disposition is shaped by the processes that education and life has bequeathed on him. The passion for job creation and satisfaction motivated him to start firstday events,a one stop event shop that delivers superior event production value after a stint with a top range event company as a consultant.

His developed ability to lead people and manage scarce resources provides firstday events with competitive leverage that avails our clientele the best of ambience any event can have and at the most affordable prices.

Oluwanifemi sits atop an event firm that started from the ground floor,building competences across the event value chain to a reliable structure that now services top brands in the Nigerian market.

The team of leaders under the oversight of Oluwanifemi Oyewale have successfully positioned firstday events as a preferred brand whenever optimum value is at stake.

Therefore,firstday events is on a pedestal that launches it beyond the Nigerian market, meeting the socialisation needs of african people leveraging international model and best practices without loosing contemporary african culture and identity in the process of delivery.

I Oluwanifemi Oyewale invites you to ride with us as we serve you,our distinguished client,with choice and kingly value because you are the reason we are in service. Thanks for your patronage.